Real survivalist camping, how long would you last?

topic posted Wed, April 14, 2010 - 10:24 PM by  beast
havent done it in years, too damned old t do it for practice
but if i have to i know i can make it...

some nice sunny morning, hop in your car or truck
drive out to the nearest good bit of wilderness you can find
lock the car up and walk into the woods
no preps,no packs, no canteens, no food
see how well you can do
ive always gota pocket knife on me so i dont call that takin anything special
thing is dont take anything that you dont have with you pretty much 24/7
my best was 2 weeks, woulda been longer but someone came lookin for me
so if you do it, make sure someone knows where yure at, why youre there
and its ok to see if youre ok(from a distance) but dont disturb unless its an emergency
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  • well i cant say that i have ended up in the woods with just a knife, but i did post up in the gila wilderness for 3 months of winter camping, all though i did have a fully packed back pack...we did have a chain saw or anything luxury items thats for was still a challenge pushing over trees and keeping the fire going for 3 months, great if i did end up in the woods with just a knife(and someday i would love to do that) i prob make it about 2 weeks and i would either be dead, walked out, or half way through building me a house out of stone and i would for sure give myself two weeks...did you see the news yesterday they found a little girl who had been lost in the woods for 5 days with nothing...dammit i better make it longer than her or iam gonna be pissed!!!!
    • I wish I had two weeks to go get lost. Most I can ever scavage up is 4 or five days.

      In az the biggest factor is knowing where to find water. If you can find water then all you have to do is not freeze to death at night (yep, it gets cold at night in the desert.)
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        Are cactus a good source of water?
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          Cacti !
          • i grew up out side tucson az and my grandpa always told me that catus was a good way to get water if ya ever needed it...i have tested the taste of pricly pear is a succulent plant so you would think you can get a good amount of water from ir or at least anough....but honestly i really dont know...ill do some reading on it today and let you know what i find out if ya want
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              depends on the cactus. but generally, no. The water you get will be terrible and not very much. When you're in the desert, you need to spend your energy where it will yield good results, you'll exhaust yourself hunting down cacti and mashing them into a pulp just to save a mouthful of bitter water off the surface of your mashing stone.

              But if you find cottonwood, you are generally just a few feet from the water table. Start digging around the cottonwoods and your hole might fill up with water.

              And you can cut down most plantains and their relatives (including some palms), and carve a 'bowl' shape in the stump. The fibrous capillaries will continue to wick water up from the ground and fill the bowl, sometimes for several days after the tree is cut and dead.

              go down in the ravines in the desert. Dig in the OUTSIDE bends which are shaded... usually south side outer portion of the bend. That's your best bet on finding water if there's none in the open.

              You can also track animals to water sources, especially the large cats, but you have to know how to read tracks and animal behavior to know if the tracks and terrain have any chance of leading you anywhere but on a wild goose chase.

              Knowing how to conserve your body's water is just as valuable as knowing how to find it out there. But I'm tired of typing.
              • nice reply....i knew you had something usefull for me to read...but for real good reply...can you suggest anything on the web for me to read more about water survival in the desert
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                  If you'd read the past 3 years of backlogs like I told you to....

                  You'd know that I am one of the several people on this tribe who really do know their stuff.

                  and you'd know that you have quite a way to go.

                  And you'd realize that the backlogs on this tribe ARE one of the best online resources for the kind of info you seek, unorganized and dauntyingly large though they may be.
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                    nice i will do never said anywhere that i refuse to read any back logs if the is info there that you believe i would get some good use out of of course i will read them...and again iam here to learn as well as share info i do know..if you are who you claim to be you should have taken me under your wing instead of trying to fuck with me...but trust me i wont be going any where so we can either be nice to each other or we can be total assholes to one another which i prefer not to have any dramam in my life its such a waist of time
                    • the general theme here is individual strength and the ability to stand on your own
                      we test you, see how yu do and you either become an equal and friend or not
                      i dont see anybody here thatll take anyone under their wing really
                      but lots of support when you need it
                      were just a loose knit family that likes to bicker for fun
                      • iam totally comfortible in a disfuctional family setting...ok so taking me under your wings is a strong way to put it...but i love to share knowlege, and i love to learn so i will read some back is my test over or how many more days do i have to deal with god iam going to the mountains this weekend and dont get interent....
                        • hell im fairly new here too
                          does your family ever stop testing you?
                          i know mine dont :p
                          • You can get enough water to survive on from cactu. Burn the thorns off then squeeze the juice out, but it tastes like shit. They make liquor from it and you can fry up prickly pear (but it tastes like crap too.)

                            You can also eat cactus apples from the prickly pear. once again, burn off the tiny thorns, peel, and eat. They have a bit of juicy meat with a large core of seeds. Javalina eat these whole and the seeds actually grow best if they have been through the intenstines of a pig.
                              • He did make some pretty bold statements about his knowledgebase. Not sure I;d have claimed that much mastery of survivalist techniques.

                                There are a number of different types of survivalism. This thread was originally about short term survivalism--can you survive if you get lost in the wilderness with nothing but a knife and some chapstick. This is an important skillset to learn, but not the only one.

                                Long term EOW survival is another. That;s what James and I practice most because in an EOW situation we would prefer to last more than a few weeks. Long term survival requires a communal mindset; James is the mechanic, I am the weapons guy (and cook.)

                                But without the short term skills, you will not live to practice the long term skills. So both are equally important.
                                • i think i can safely say i have both

                                  seashells, limestone, bones, eggshells and wood ash can be used to make cement
                                  for that matter salt will work too, just not real lasting, specially in a rain
                                  any scrap of metal i can lay hands on can be reshaped into tools or weapons
                                  i can turn grass,hair, tree bark or any other fiber i can get a hold of into thread string or rope
                                  i can make a plow out of a dead tree and collect wild grass seeds to sew
                                  i can make an axe and hew beams for building
                                  or make a saw and cut planks
                                  build a fireplace and chimney out of sticks and mud
                                  build a fence out of sticks n grass that would keep everything but tank out
                                  make fishnets out of grass and fish traps out of twigs
                                  its hard hammering hot metal with a rock against a bigger rock, but i tried it to see if i could do it,
                                  works a lil rough but i know i could make tools
                                  i can build a cupolo out of sand clay rocks and ash and melt down iron into usable ingots or bars
                                  if its got skin and a brain, i can tan it and use it
                                  if its got tendons and bones i can make tools n threads from those
                                  iv made wooden cups with no more thatn rocks and sand as tools
                                  woven baskets from reeds wood splinters and grass

                                  yeah i think im covered :)
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                                  Bold Statement is my middle name(s)
                                  • Bocephus is well known for his extensive gun collection and reloading expertise, in addition to great music. He'd be interesting to meet, fer sure.
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                                      I don't think that I would want to try to go into the bush with nothing but a bowie knive and a speedo, but I am planning an outing with my two oldest boys, and two good family friends. We are taking a .22 rifle, and our ultra-light spinning reels. We will also have our survival kits. These are loosely based on the design by m4040 on his website I know that is not quite as "extreme" as what some of you guys have done, but we are doing it this way becasue typically we would not go into this area unless we were hunting or fishing.And when hunting, fishing, geocaching, or sightseeing here in the north GA mountains we always take our survival packs. Even when we are geocaching I have a pistol in my pack. I keep the pistol on me not so much because I am worried about wildlife or human agression, I just don't want it stolen from my truck.
                                      We are planning this outing to coincide with small game and trout season, so it should be a blast. I think we will be going into the Cohutta wilderness area some where near Connasauga river. We are planning to go for 5 days.
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    I doubt I would ever put myself in that situation... I would be lucky to make it a week... depending on the terrain.
    • so what happens if the world puts you in it?
      the thing is to try it and see what you need to learn
      just in case
      kinda hard to be a survivor if you cant survive :P
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        I would learn that I fucked up, lol

        If I survived... I would never put myself in that situation again... and thank nature for being kind enough to spare my life.
        • no matter how we plan,how many possibilities we may plan for
          the best you can plan for and be prepared for is to do it empty handed

          say someone with a bigger gun catches you by surprise, are you gonna just give up n die after he takes your stuff?
          or you lost crossing a river or halfway up the side of some mountain
          myself personally i want to depend on one thing and one thing only, myself n my skills
          if i cant live without that bag im just as good as dead before i started
          i just havent fallen down yet
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            I have been thinking more and more about this. No bag, no tools....What could I do? I have made and started a fire with a firebow, but I had a knife to work the wood. I really messed up last weekend. There was a flintknapping festival about 10 miles away. They gave seminars and helped you learn hands on. Dropped the ball on that one I guess. One the bright side. I caught by hand over 20 crawdads, and a bunch of big minnows today. I guess I could have eaten em raw. They were jusrt bait today. But, alas, the stripers were not biting due to the heavy rain. Thats what I am blaming on anyway.