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This thread was pretty angry. It appears some are ready to fight. The op has no doubt had enough. What say you?
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    I agree 1050% Time to kick the Feds to the gutter where they belong. Take back our rights confiscated by con-gress and the courts.
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      Well the bill is not law yet. I can see if it passes and does indeed become law where everyone must buy health insurance or be fined and or jailed there could be more Ruby ridges, another Waco Texas or Worse. The OP on that thread is very angry and the fact so many thanked him for the post got me thinking that we might be closer then many of us thought. I only saw one or two posts on that thread where anyone tried to even calm him down. Most poured fuel on the fire. This is why I am prepping and getting my house in order. I am hoping that cooler heads will prevail and we vote no to this Bill but the truth? I posted here a while back about what I heard at the range by my fellow Michigan men, what my wife says, here friends, my family, every website I visit and now even news papers like the New york times are admitting that it is coming apart.

      This next paragraph saddens me Ill pull it from that thread and paste it. From Ronin Edge . He is an older guy like me who has been trying to keep everyone civil for years on that site. He is a good man. His departing statement scares the hell out of me and I hope he doesn't do it.

      The republic is finally dead. It rattled along for about 70 years, gasping and wheezing, but finally, our "representatives" have yanked the life support cord from the wall. Nothing remains except a cooling corpse.

      Gentlemen and distinguished ladies, the time has come for this old geezer to have his last "hurrah" so to speak. It has been a pleasure posting here, learning, and hopefully maybe teaching a few things too. Way I see it, this health care bill will kill me anyways, so why not just get it over with now before the knees completely go out - and they shuttle me off to some shack to waist away to bleached bones.

      I aim to make some well dressed federal employees kill me. Maybe I will go with a touch of company. Perhaps. Perhaps not. Who can say for sure really. Been working out a few ideas over the past year or so, should be a real hoot for the spectators.

      You kids have fun, God speed, and God bless.

      This old fart shall now exit stage right. Was a good show. Enjoyed watching.


      This is the stuff I am reading all over the net. People saying its over, calling for revolution and or civil war. Trust me friends we dont want either one. Restoration is needed not revolution. The way I see it we have one last shot at it next November. As it stands I am ready for anything that comes down the pipe. My animals and crops can sustain us and we will not be cold or wet. But this is not the American dream. Apple pie and Baseball , camping with my grand kids and seeing them grow .

      If we do tear it down we better rebuild it just like the original republic before the central banks and military industrial complex took it over. Michael
      • only way we can properly fix this mess is to get rid of the "my shit dont stinks" and never allow them in power
        the one true problem wuth capiralism is that money will always wing up in control
        that is what capitalism is, money rules..period
        we need safeguards set that prevent this or we are just gonna do it over and over and over again
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          An 18th century Scottish historian Alexander Fraser Titler wrote. "The average lifespan of the worlds great empires is 200 years. They progress from bondage to spiritual faith to great courage to liberty to abundance to selfishness to complacency to apathy to dependence and back to bondage."
          What are the chances of this just being the normal progression of society? If we look at the problem from this point of view and factoring in all of the help recievedd by the private sector from the Fed's inthe last 70 years imagine ourselves at the dependence stage. Seeing the bondage stage looming how can we nonviolently skip this stage?
          Beast it is my opinion that all the safeguards we need are built into the constitution. It's just that they are being ignored.
          • as long as money can buy a vote we will have problems
            its what thou said, morality, we just need a few lil ways to head off corruption
            things like riders, gerrymandering, campaign contributions and definitely term limits
            per office and per lifetime, tell me we dont need those
            just safe guards against re-occurance of todays probs

            and yes civilizations go in cycles, we are fast approaching the warrior stage
            we dont have to, if we get it right theres no reason we cant stop the cycle
            and stay in the steady progressive mode
  • son in law found this, not sure where to post it
    but here goes, have a look

      Beast, as much as I would love to see Obama go down along with his world order ideals, the above site with it's information appears to dispute many of the claims in the link you provided. Just FYI.
      • You know it bothers me when I read stuff about impeaching the president. First of all, I don't think that he has done any impeachable offenses that other presidents before him have not done. I can't find constitutional authority given to the Executive Branch to appoint Czars over anything - but we have allowed it before. Being a conservative, political and fiscal, I do not agree with the liberal agenda that goes all the way back to Johnson's Great Society and his “war on poverty.” (Yes I also know about FDR’s New Deal as well.)

        But anyone who thinks that moving Mr. Obama out of the White House should spend some time thinking about who would move in afterwards. Vice President Biden and Speaker Pelosi are the next two in line, and IMHO, both would be far worse than Mr. Obama. I believe the way to change our nation is to start with changing the legislative branch. They are the ones who have the most influence on our lives through the laws they pass. True the Executive Branch has exceeded its constitutional authority through the building up of so many "Department of Redundancy Departments" But once again, Congress has to fund these excesses.

        IF the voting public was to vote in people who are afraid to cut the government down to size by cutting the funding and telling people to get real jobs producing things rather than wasting oxygen running the lives of other people, we would not be in the mess we are in.

        But our elected Representatives and Senators are more concerned about the next election and getting re-elected than what is good for the country.

        I actually have a fear that the ambition of Biden and Pelosi could pose a greater threat to the President than any foreign terrorist. If Mr. Obama deviates from Biden and Pelosi’s agenda, I think they might make a move to take him out and make it look either like a right wing attack or perhaps a terrorist attack ( as an excuse to declare martial law on us all). The power of Obama is in his ability to persuade people though his speeches, but Biden and Pelosi are both corrupt power mongers who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. They think they have in the current President someone who will rubberstamp their bills, but if Mr. Obama makes a move back toward the center to appease some of the independent voters prior to the next election, I fear it could cost him his life.

        I know that this is a dangerous subject, but I served my country for over 20 years and I stand by my oath to "defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic." I may disagree with the President's agenda, as I did with some of Mr. Bush's and Mr. Clinton's. However the danger I fear is from the liberal Congressional deligation seeing this as a not to be missed opportunity to seize power is an unconstitutional and unprecedented way.

        I think that anyone who say they want Mr. Obama kicked out of office, ought to consider who takes over from there. I believe that the 2010 election could be the beginning of true "change" by voting out the free spending, corrupt present congress and electing some people who will do the will of the American public and get rid of our bloated government.

        I will support the office of President, even though I may disagree with the policies of the person holding the office. I would hate to see our way of government brought down through violence, but I fear that the current political climate could bring it down, but not because of right wing extremists, but because the extreme left wing does not get its way.

        After all, there are many more instances of extreme left wing violence than right wing. Recall if you will, the Unabomber, animal rights protesters who went about sabotaging research labs, environmentalists who were blowing up logging company equipment, and many other organized attempts to intimidate or destroy those with whom they disagree. Yes there are right wing nut jobs as well, but more of these who actually kill or destroy are individuals rather than organized groups that set out to destroy and kill.

        I hope for the sake of our nation that everyone who reads these comments will think hard about what they hope and dream for when it comes to the future of this nation. I fear that many want a TEOTWAWKI situation will come about. We are a nation of laws and it is though our laws that we can change our nation back to what it was intended to be.
        That is my goal.

        I am not a survivalist because I fear the government. I am a survivalist because I know that I am ultimately responsible to provide for the welfare of myself and my family rather than the government. Those who look to the government to provide for them are part of the problem, not the solution. We need to look back to our forefathers who loaded up their wagons and set off to build this nation. They did not look to Washington DC to provide for them, but they set up their own communities, tilled the soil, grew their crops, educated their children, and lived or died without government interference. I wish more shared my views, but I fear they do not.

        Keep your head down and your eyes and ears open.
        Major Dad
        • we need a lot less govt but i dot see it happening without some serious overhauling
          we are not allowed to do for ourselves, everytime you try some govt bureaucrat steps in and calls you a terrorist or subversive
          been there done that
          that and becuz i choose to live like i do is why im a survivalist and believe me, thru the years i have paid dearly to live like i do
          we wont change the legislative brnch unless we oust them all en-mass, any left behind will corrupt any new ones
          just like they do to every new hope we have ever sent in there
          • Yup, but that won't happen. You can't wipe out every member of our government and that is what would have to happen. All parties, all persons, good and bad. There is no way to wipe the slate clean so, I say roll with it and focus on other things. It will just eat you up with frustration if you don't. Almost everything about the government and what they do makes me cringe and I just want to scream. And they just keep doing things that make me want to scream even more. It makes me feel so helpless and insignificant. And then I remember that I really am helpless and their world but not mine. As yet, my world is my family, my house, my property and my small town where citizens still have a voice in the goings on around here. So I put my energy in my immediate area, I vote every opportunity and appreciate the fact that things are not worse. Because they certainly could be.
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    Pretty inflamatory literature on that thread.

    I'm sure we'll be seeing more and more people taking stands (and consequently being carted away, either in cuffs or in body bags) as more and more of our rights are assaulted.

    I guess I still trust in the American spirit to prevail. But I think there is more stripping of the constitution to be endured yet, before we see it rescued again. I just plan to keep my head down and endure, to SURVIVE and make it to the other side of this dark spot in our history.

    I'd rather be the guy who remembers having to put up with a lot of bullshit, and living on to see better days when the bullshit is eventually conquered and eliminated, than to be the guy who 'stood on principle' and got his ass shot to pieces by the feds or incarcerated for life, just before the next election that could have been the end of the problems...
  • I know that the shit will hit the fan soon. I am prepping for the shit hitting the fan now. I have a pack ready and waitting for the very moment that I feel is the turning point of no return. I have several packs that are set up in stages to pack out to a location yet undetermined. So, I am preparred to do what ever it takes to keep on living. Bill in NY
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      Major Dad, you are good American. Ill stand with you any time anywhere. I feel as you do that there is still a chance but you and I (conservatives) were sold out by the Neo Con frauds that we voted in. This nation has been subjected to the old one two punch from both sides of the isle. I don't have the proof to prove treason by several presidents and that is the real problem isnt it. W e cant prove a thing. W e can dig and put two and two together but they are so deep and protected we cant prove a damned thing. This republic is on its last legs and unless God steps in and puts a stop to it we will all be fighting once again for our freedom. WHAT i CANT PUT MY FINGER ON IS WHY???????? No one will ever convince me that is was going to happen no matter what we did. This was not chance , this was fucking planned and executed by some real wicked people. Jimmy Carter knows who, The Bush family knows who, The Clintons know who, Henry Kissenger knows who and a lot of others know who. But we do not. I have my suspicions and have voiced them many times but with no proof its like an Idiot in a wind storm yelling at the wind to stop. Just listening to that garbage that Angie posted by some retard about Christians being terrorists now makes me want to shoot that bastard right in the forehead.

      Major Dad, Who do we vote for?????????????????????????????????????????????????? I cant find but three worthy men running. Mike
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        vote for whoever is NOT already in office if you have a choice between two unworthy idiots. AT LEAST try to strip congress of it's sense of voter immunity and tenure.
        • we need o get people not to vote straight ticket by party
          thatwould be big help
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            straight-ticket shouldn't even be legal. It's basically an option for voting, for people who don't want to think about their vote. If you're just going to mark straight ticket, you shouldn't even be voting at all.

            I'm sure the whole concept of 'straight ticket' was devised by incumbents in power as a mechanism for them to capitalize on the lazy and apathetic nature of many constituents. And it has worked beautifully.

            And I know I'm talking to mostly straight-ticket voters. Many years the straight-ticket vote accounts for 80% of counted ballots. Go to Hell, all of you.
            • i wouldnt vote straight ticket even if there ws only one
              i hate letting someone else make my decisions for me
              • Never voted straight party - never will.

                I think the key is to get good conservative people nominated at the local level and in the primaries so that we have some true conservative constitution abiding representatives and senators.

                And in the meantime we need to remind those who are in office they they were elected to represent us not rule us.

                Major Dad.
  • i saw somewhere today that oklahoma and a few other states are talking secession.
    for now i doubt its true cuz the military isnt there kickin ass
    but the fact that people are talking about it only proves we are getting closer to the edge
    scary times are comin, be prepared