Need ideas for low-tech (cost) booby traps

topic posted Wed, October 29, 2008 - 6:59 AM by  Rhonda
I have land in the woods that I am working on getting ready for when TSHTF... need ideas for alarms and booby traps that I can rig up. I know that I would never be able to stop someone like Mitch...but, would like to be able to rig up some fore-warning systems. I thought about using fishing line and cans or bells. May even go with firing caps and dynomite on the outside parameters. My place is off of the grid so no electronics will work. Thanks.
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  • Stick with the basics:

    cans on a string strung to tripwires. Paint the cans earth color so they are less visible. Drop a few pebbles in each can.

    pujii sticks in areas of dense vegetation help control paths of approach (but can injure the wrong people during peace time.)

    Simple gate sensors. Battery operated, they work the same as a sensor on the door at a grocery store, just more powerful for outdoor use. Someone passes between the points you hear a beep back in the house. They hear nothing.

    Range poles: range out the area around your home. The day after the EOW is not the time to be figuring out range to a sniper perch that has you pinned down.

    Use distractions like the Cong did. Hang something attractive in a tree. People will stand under it and wonder what it is, while you snipe them from 500 yards out. A clean white rag or something shiny usually works.

    Dogs: a yard full of dogs (cat friendly dogs.)

    You have to approach your house from the perspective of Mitch. How would you attack your place? Then take actions that would prohibit such an attack. Range out the area, even set up practice targets. Then walk through the whole thing at night.
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      At the zoo, when they make a new gorrilla habitat (the new fancy habitats that don't have bars, just open space or high walls to contain the animals) before they put animals in it, they hire a team of proffessional rock climbers to try to escape from the paddock. They will spend a whole day or sometimes longer, checking for every possible weakness, puzzling together any convoluted or contorted way to escape. A habitat is not considered 'safe' unless it takes three or more proffessional rock climbers working as a team, to help just one of them escape.

      .... Now if only you could hire Mitch's gang to try several ways of breaking in to your place during 'peacetime'... You would know exactly where, what type, and how to beef up your perimeter with force multipliers like alarms and traps. You would also know the best ways to actively defend your home... Hmm....

      If you have a teenage son, and if he has friends, you might be overlooking a valuable asset in designing your perimeter defense. Let them play airsoft in your yard with the goal of someone defending the house, and others getting to it. It won't take long before you start seeing a trend in best lines of approach, places of cover/concealment, and most effective tactics.
      • is airsoft the same as paintball? because paintball is fun hell.
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          airsoft is full-scale, very real and very detailed looking guns.... here in america they usually have orange parts to distinguish from a real gun but in other places you can't tell the difference from five feet away. They come in every type of gun you could imagine. They all shoot these plastic 6mm diameter balls at around 300fps-450fps depending on the gun quality. They sting like a bitch when you get hit but only have an effective range of about fifty feet, at the most. In Japan you could get metal bb's and those would go a lot farther and hurt way worse but I guess they're not lawyer-friendly enough here, we have to use lightweight plastic.

          most guns are spring-actuated by working the slide (like on an autoloader pistol) or working the cocking lever on a rifle like an AK47 or AR15. Some of the rifles have a battery pack in the stock, and a hi-speed motor that actuates a plunger and snaps out full auto or semi auto fire on a selector switch. Other guns use the little CO2 cannisters like a paintball gun (the little silver cannisters that fit in a grip or handle, not the big bottles)

          I used to play airsoft with my friends in japan when I was a kid. In the bamboo forrests, it's like being inside a pinball game. Little plastic pellets ricocheting at every angle, kids getting welts all over the place. Kids all over screaming, yelling and taking bloody revenge in a fit of injury and fury. As an eleven year old kid, it was pretty cool.
  • cheap booby traps: punji stakes in pits, and shotgun-shell land mines. both used by the VC in Vietnam, to great effect. would i ever use these myself? hell no. hideously dangerous on all counts. i can just imagine the neighbor's dog falling in the punji stake trap and then the neighbor coming to investigate and getting his lower leg blown off when he steps on a the rigged 12 gauge shell in the path. bad, bad, bad.

    booby traps scare me.
  • Really, i just want to be pre-warned of someone/something approching... I am in several 1000's of arces of undeveloped land... there arn't too many neighbors. We do have Coyotes, bob cats, wild hogs and lots of deer. In the winter time the Coyotes/wild dogs get pretty bad. I will put harmless booby traps in for pre-warnings... but if the SHTF, I will also use what I have to, to protect my family and friends. In other words... Warning: Trespassers will be shot on site.... You can actually buy a sign that states that in the stores. If they ignore warnings they are fair game at that point.
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      actually, they're not fair game. their surviving relatives can sue the shit out of you and claim the deceased was illiterate. You've gotta be in physical danger of your life, or severe bodily harm. I don't know of ANY place in america where a tresspasser is 'fair game' outside of those boundaries.

      A 'tresspasser' in your own home is considered a real enough threat. but a tresspasser *leaving* your home, or a tresspasser outside of your home, no touchy.
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        Incidentally, people, be very careful what you post in threads like this. You can easily get yourself into deep shit if some teenager does a google search on 'booby traps' and blows his friend's head off from following any advice you doll out.

        OR the ATF will use your post as probable cause for a search warrant of your house up at Ruby Ridge.
    • Good suggestions... but, I was talking about AFTER the S*** Hits The Fan... Maybe my version of SHTF is a little worse than your version of SHTF... Also, in Texas someone does not have to be "in your house" to be shot... Of course after the SHTF I think that there will a large number of people escaping from the cities and looking for refuge in the country. I do have enough sense not to shoot "defensless" people... but what do you do with such people... take them in??? deter them from getting close and "discovering" that there is food, shelter, everything that we have built??? Of course this is all senerio... but I do think that at that time (after the SHTF) there will be more people looking to steal from you and even worse. I don't mind helping a deserving soul but they will be like a stray animal... feed them once and they will never leave. I'm just saying that I want to prepared. And, Thousand is right about "the walls have eyes" especially on the internet.
      • If you live in Texas you can paint your fence posts purple or post no trespassing signs. If they pass through they commit criminal trespass. Just call your sheriff and have them arrested. Or if they are armed and you feel they are a threat to your life or your family's life then you are allowed to shoot.
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          We all have some pretty dark SHTF scenarios we could cook up. It's just that most scenarios, and by most I mean all 99% but the very worst, and even in the very worst, all the scenarios that lead up to it, will involve some sort of law and order. The harsher the scenario, usually the harsher the law and order. Heavily armed police forces. National Guard. Active military. Up to and even including, thanks to a treaty signed last valentine's day by George W, foreign armies invading our country in the interest of our government, authorized to use deadly force against the american people.

          In all these situations, the truth is you'd be better off not putting landmines in your yard, lest you become the target of some quick martial justice. There's an ethical line between defensive defenses and offensive defenses, make sure you stay on the right side, lest you become another Mitch.
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    Most people are nervous about posting information on booby trap's cause they want to keep big brother off their ass. 2 night's ago I watched an hour long show on the military channel on satalite tv on how to make booby trap's. I just think that's kinda funny cause if someone here even mentioned putting a rag in a jar of gas the ATF would probably kick their door down, shoot their wife and burn their kid's for it.
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    Take your fireplace or campfire ashes, or both, and place them in a coffee filter. Pour hot water of them strain the liquid through the filter into a glass container or stainless steel pot. One quart of water to one coffee filter full of ash. When you have a gallon or more put the pan over fire and reduce 1 gallon to one quart. If an egg floats in it you have a lye solution. At this level you have lye to make soap with. concentrate it down to a syrup and allow to dry and you have a low tech weapons grade caustic soda. Thin glass jars filled with it can be propelled in many ways to your target where the glass will break on contact the lye solution splattering all over the target who will indoubtedly try to run towards waters which will not help the burn. You can then offer to sell the interloper vinegar for the price of everything they have on them in equipment, weapons, medicine, etc.
    • nice...cruel but nice..
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        Water not helping with lye is a common misconception, in my experience...having washed a lye burn off my arm with water, I can tell you, yes it can be done.

        It just takes a lot of water. Lye is water-based, and water-soluble. It might not be chemically neutralized by water the way it is with vinegar, but it can easily be diluted to harmless levels, or washed away to trace levels, with enough water (a running tap with good pressure, a dunk in a tub or pond or stream or horse trough, etc).
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    I just have a sign that says "LIVE SNAKES".
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      I like the way you people think.
      • Jon
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        If you have not seen it already get a copy of FM 5-31 its the army manual on boobytraps and if anyone asks say you learned from the goverment.Hey Dave whats the deal with painting fence post purple ???
        • "POSTED PURPLE"
          Many states have laws providing a certain color paint to be used in place of costly signs for posting property. You may have noticed "posted purple" paint on trees and rocks in Arkansas and wondered what all the marks were for.

          These marks, when placed properly, are assumed to be "posted - no trespass signs". The state of Texas recently has enacted a law (Texas Penal Code, Article 30.05) providing for the use of purple paint to post property boundaries (Texas Statutes, 2001). The use of written posted signs are still recommended at access points, such as gates. Unlike signs, marks are not easily removed or torn down and do not have to be replaced often. In order to post your property using this paint method, the following is required:

          * Place purple paint marks on trees or fence posts
          * Marks must be vertical lines at least 1" wide and 8" high
          * The bottom of the mark must be between 3' and 5' of the ground
          * Marks must be placed at locations readily visible to person approaching property
          * Marks must be no more than 100' apart on forestland and no more than 1000' apart on non-forestland

          The major drawbacks to this method are concerns over excessive amounts of paint on trees ruining the visual quality of our rural areas and the public's lack of knowledge of thelaw. Each landowner will have to make his or her own decision on whether or not the paint is visually offensive to them and their property. With increased use of this marking practice, and perhaps some publicity from landowner associations, the public should become aware of the meaning of "purple" boundaries, making them as effective as posted signs.

          It is considered criminal trespass if someone trespasses on your property and you have these marks. You can call the sheriff and they will be arrested and removed from your property.
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    Hi all , I am new here but not new to this type of topic. As one of the posters has stated (be carefull what you say on line) . The B. A.T.F is an agency that needs to be put to death by the next president. It is the most worthless government agency out there. But like the IRS they are watching us. My version of SH*T hits the fan is this. Any type of government breakdown, Any type of depression where food is scarce. Invasion, Terrorists attacks with suitcase nukes and or the worst possible attack, Bio disease type weapons. My wife and I just watched the series (Jericho ) 2006 CBS. Pure fiction but------ wow !! there is a lot of truth in that series. Like no deer in the woods, Like poluted water, like no power, no food and thousands starving. The last thing you need is Booby traps. You need a good strong hold that you can defend. You need the will to and the fortitude to do it. You need dry storage, a good wood stove. Food that will keep for 5 or more years and you need seeds to start new. You need to know how to recycle and catch fish. You need to learn to live without this computer.

    Patrol your land. Armed if you think it is needed. I only own 10 acres but I live on a small private lake with abundent fish and game but I cant depend on that alone. You see we have think longer term. Instead of inventing booby traps grow a bunch of rabbits. Grow a garden,learn to can veggies and meat. Then if the sh*t doesnt hit the fan oh well?? I have lots of food to eat and I dont have to pay someone else for it.

    I know what you are worried about. You imagine starving people coming up your driveway begging for food. This is where it gets almost impossible to deal with. Our compassion as people will force us to reach out and help them. They will then be dependent on us and in the end it is this kindness that will be our undoing. Think of this scenario, a woman and child is coming towards your barricade. As she gets into rifle range you tell her to stop but she keeps coming forward. She gets to within 50 yards of you and you recognize her. Its your best friend from high school that you havent seen in 20 years. Her child has sores all over her and both of them are near starvation. How could you shoot her? I know I couldnt just shoot someone who was in need. I could however shoot on sight anyone aiming to take what was mine. Armed men start advancing on my home and they would find us quite able to defend our land and posessions.

    Most likely unless you are advertising that you have food , water and supplies no one will attack you. Best to keep a low profile and hide in you woods. Dont attract attention to yourself and dont leave your safety zone.

    Watch the series Jericho first and second seasons. Lots of truth to what could happen in a real emergency. Cut off from the rest of the world ,not knowing what was coming down that road that leads to you. Michael
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      Michael....we want the booby traps to eat human flesh when we need it.....welcome to Survivalist...I.R.S ...I hear they are doubly tasty and the B.A.T.F. when smoked and cured is nothing less than divine! I welcome them on to my property!
      • no offense to any1s ideas but coffee cans and cow bells? flares are better. lye bombs? would rather use gasoline. pungi pits dont have to be deep enough to swallow small children and large dogs try 16 penny nails driven into 1/4 inch ply wood just below grade. ever stepped on a nail? kinda sucks. another one to make'em wonder whats next is treble hooks tied to small trees and bushes or any foliage especially face level doesnt matter though hooks catch your clothes or flesh hard to get loose without making noise or shaking brush. although not very good table fare,tree trout are fun to catch and usually put up a good fight!
        • Good ideas Mack... Would be good deterants from traveling on unknown lands.... Thanks
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            Hmm treble hooks?? nail boards? Man dont get caught putting that stuff out now. Some kid gets caught in that stuff and you would make the front page of every news paper in the land and people would be calling for your head on platter.

            I have done some thinking on this and I think motion detectors are the way to go.They come on cheap outdoor lights and can be removed and connected to a warning bell or buzzer in your home. Of course there would be false alarms from birds and squirrels and such but better to be warned then to maim the neighbors kids. One way to force an intruder to funnel into your gun sights is to make it impossible to use certain areas of you property. Fallen trees, brush piles, mud,streams,lakes, briar patches, etc etc. By having natural barriers in place you can funnel intruders into an area where they can be dispatched easily. Wireless Trail cams are pretty cool but cost a lot. I see them on the hunting channels all the time now. They monitor game trails 24 hours a day and right to your computer desktop.. Hide these detection devices and you will not be surprised by anyone. The best defense though is always having someone on watch detail.

            If SHTF we will take measure to stop people long before they get anywhere near our homes. Like I said blocking the bridge or just plain blowing it will keep people a mile from our house. The swamp will keep people from going around unless they go on foot. They could come by canoe but would be sitting ducks on the lake. They could come by quad(atv) through the woods about 10 miles of Oak woods. But who is going to have ATVS when gas is in short supply? Men on horse back could get through. Helicopters could get through and a tank could get through. But I am not worried about bands of looters even getting to our home 10 acres. Too many people to get past first and they are Militia and local farms and other survivalists who we trade with. I will no doubt help them defend thier lands before we have to defend our own. I am lucky in this sense, there are many here who are taking this serious. Enough to hold off the hordes of idiots who do not.
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              I've been an electronic security technician for a while. As such I've collected enough active and passive detection devices to set up a wireless network of early-detection devices all over my property.

              I can set them up to a central computer, whereby I can be silently, or audibly, alerted to the location (and with enough sensors I can establish speed and direction) of anything bigger than a cat.

              Or, I can wire them up to set off deterrents directly upon being triggered. The electrical pulse sent to the transmitter of any unit could just as easily be re-routed to an activation switch, for anything from flare alerts, to less-than-lethal deterrents like a blast of skunk ass-juice, to very lethal deterrents like explosives, although I really think a shot of skunk-ass-juice is more than enough to ruin any attacker's weekend.